Monday, April 7, 2014

********************Happy Easter 2014

Despite my busy crazy life in graduate school, as a wife, mommy, and caring for my home, I still think of all the time I wish I had for more crafts and subsequent updates on the blog. I honestly have not decorated since Christmas (hence the lack of anything!) My poor little 7 year old was begging for me to put out some Easter stuff, so here is this year's table display. I hosted a bridal shower and bought some Cherry Blossom fresh cut branches from Costco for $9.99, which made the display more real and not too cute-sy (technical term ya know). They look better up close and would be awesome for a high end wedding centerpiece. My niece said a friend of hers actually hot glued on more little pink flowers, which is a great idea. I didn't have time to do that this time around. Nonetheless, the display turned out cute :)

 The whole she-bang. The tricycle is actually a wine rack. 
 My simple 36 inch wreath uses full tulip bouquets from Michael's and burlap ribbon
 Lanterns are always there, I just put some eggs in there.

The little egg tree on the right and frame in the middle are from the $1 store

Happy Easter!

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