Sunday, August 25, 2013

Candy Gift Bouquet

One of my co-workers had a birthday recently and we all decided to chip in for a gift for her. A candy bouquet is a cute way to give candy and gift cards. I have seen some really creative and cute ones! We chose to use silk flowers and Werther's original candy.

 You will need:
Silk flowers (2-3 colors, different types)
coordinating feathers
candy of your choice
skinny wooden dowels (cake decorating isle or by the popsicle sticks)
hot glue gun
extra stems from the silk flowers
vase filler (I used Easter grass)
gift cards
wire cutters

 1. Fill your vase with the grass. Start adding in silk flowers randomly
 2. Take a flower off a stem or use a dowel and trim to the right height for your vase. Glue the gift card to the stem. Stick those in the back
 3. Glue your candy in a row on another extra stem or wooden dowel. Stick these in randomly in your vase
 4. Glue some feathers to the extra dowel and stick those in randomly. Tie a ribbon around your vase and you're done!

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