Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Decor Candles

Here are some funky, adorable candles to decorate your home or office. It is a very easy project. The candles come out looking expensive, but the total cost is quite low. I purchased the crosses at Hobby Lobby. The feathers came from Michael's. The belt was mine that I never wore anymore. Candles and holders were from Target.

You will need: candles, an old belt or piece of leather, feathers, crosses or other decorative piece for the centers, nails or furniture tacs, hot glue, and E6000 glue

Cut a piece of the belt long ebough to wrap around the candle. Nail a small gauged nail through the belt and into the candle.

Hot glue feathers over the spot where the nail is to cover it up. You can also use marabou or netting or tulle. E6000+hot glue the cross over the feathers.

Tie ribbon to the holes at the top of the candles to cover them up or glue a rhinestone over it

The finished product adds a cute, funky touch to your mantle or wherever the candles will be displayed

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