Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Tall Shower Curtain

We have all seen tall shower curtains in model homes. I have been wanting to get one up in my guest bathroom, but I wanted it to be removeable, because I do like to change up my house ever so often. I decided to use a curtain rod and clips so that I can easily take down the curtain once I am sick of it, but the rod will remain. Everything was purchased at Ross, except the toggle bolts, which were from True Value.
You will need:
 -Curtain panel
-Curtain rod that you can adjust (rod that slides inot a rod with variable widths)
-Drapery clip rings
-Toggle bolts 1/8" x 4"
-Curtain hold bakc if desired


1. Pull out half of your curtain rod. The half without the finial will be flush against the wall.

 2. These are the toggle bolts that you will use to attach your rod to the ceiling. Do not use the screws that come with the rod. The toggle will go inside the drywall and then flip oepn once inside, securing the rod from falling out or the screws from coming loose.
 3. Bend your curved portion that holds the rod so that it looks like a  scoop or an umbrella end.
 4. Drill in the bolts, put clips on rod, place your rod and secure. Clip on your curtain. I had my husband add a hold back on the wall so that I can swoop it over (I like the look). Plus I added a tassle.
 5. Voila!

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