Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day kid's craft/Dad gift

This is a fun Valentine's Day craft that you can make with your kids. I had my daughter tell me all the reasons why she loves her Daddy. We put them on scraps of paper and threw them in a Dove chocolate container. Then she had fun decorating the outside.

You will Need:

V-Day themed scrapbook paper, plain and/or patterned

a cutter

a container (pickle jar, mason jar, candy container, etc.)

Hot glue and a glue stick


Jewels or other embellishments

Glitter glue, if desired

Hole punch

1. Cut a piece of paper that will fit around your jar. Have your kid decorate the outside. I used hot glue so that when I wrap it around the container, the jewels don't pop off (when I used Elmer's glue this happened).

2. Quiz your kid on her favorite things about her dad or who ever she will be giving it to. It is hilarious what they come up with! We also used glitter glue for added sparkle.

3. Make your tag on a computer or handwrite it. I used white card stock and backed it with some patterned scrapbook paper (using the glue stick). Hole punch the end.

4. Tie a ribbon in a bow and hot glue on the top of the lid. Attach your tag. Fill the jar with your quotes and you are ready to give it away.

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