Friday, December 31, 2010

Scrap Those Christmas Memories

Here are two semi-quick scrapbook layouts to preserve those Christmas memories.
To scrap Christmas day I found a really ornate piece of scrapbook paper and cut along the design vertically. Add the pieces you cut out next to it, but spaced away on top of another coordinating paper. I then used some rub-ons over the top of the paper (the white and black scroll looking design). Add some jewels, ribbon, and then a journal entry (not included here) and you are done.
Here is a page to display your Christmas card. I layered a patterned paper over another patterned white piece. The top portion consists of layered chip board with jewels added. Ribbons separate the two halves. I used the Cricut to write "FAMILY" on the bottom.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Here is our newest creation from Kara at Deanworks (an shop). She does such an amazing job! The design is $15. She has multiple to choose from. You just e-mail her the pictures you want and the design requested once you pay for the card through paypal on She gets a proof to you right away. Then you can upload the picture to or whatever photo site you use and voila, you have a custon designed card!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gorgeous Gift Part 2

Here is another gorgeous gift to wrap for that special someone. I did the blue theme this time.
You will need a box, tape, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon, wire, and picks or sparkley sprigs from your local craft store

Wrap your present and make your bow. Criss cross ribbon across piece of wire and secure.

Fluff to make a bow

Add you picks, sticking underneath the ribbon.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Perfect Present

There are gifts that stick out in your mind, and for a variety of reasons. Some of them may be wonderful gifts that you cherish forever. I recall getting a gift from my husband in our dating years that was so beautifully wrapped, it forever sticks out in my mind. I still remember the pink little package tied with a beaded heart, so pretty I didn't want to open it! Since then, I try to give gifts that are as beautiful and thoughtful on the outside, as the time it took picking out the gift itself. Here is an idea for the perfect package:
You will need wrapping paper, a box, ribbon, wire, tissue paper, tape, scissors, "picks" or glittery sprigs from your local craft store, and any other charm or trinket you want to attach to the box.
Package and wrap your gift as you normally would. Tie the ribbon on. When it comes to the bow, lay a piece of wire down and keep passing the ribbon back and forth across it (perpendicular) like a "figure 8." Secure the bow with wire and fluff it to your liking.

Add your picks. I found a cluster of ornaments I stuck in the middle of the bow.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party Table Setting

I love Christmas. It is so nice to get families together, eating, laughing, and making memories. It seems Thanksgiving is all about the meal, but Christmas is about love for Jesus....and cute decor of course! Here is a whimsical party place setting for your gathering.
The tree was purchased at Hobby Lobby along with the mirrors, present boxes, wrapping paper, and jeweled candle holders.
A plastic goblet from Walmart $2

Ornaments and table bling from Michael's

Who said presents only belong under a tree?

Mirrors underneath your center piece will highlight anything you want to stand out

I couldn't find napkins holders so I wrapped wired garland into swirls. Napkins and place mats are from JC Penney Home

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrap Those Fall Memories!

It's so easy to get behind on preserving memories of fall family traditions and holidays. These are actually pages from a few years ago from my daughter's book, but some ideas none the less.
The Halloween web overlay I found was so cool! Since it is clear you can put it over any color paper. A ribbon and some letters are all you need to embellish it.
We visit a local farm every year called Schnepf Farms. I love going there and getting the pumpkin patch pictures. I never get sick of seeing my kids frolic around through the pumpkins.
I loved this button idea the moment I saw it! I decided to make a leaf and a pumpkin. It gives the page a lot of texture and color. JoAnn usually sells packets of buttons in the same color family. I printed the Schnepf logo from their website. Then I just drew a leaf on paper and cut it out. Glue the buttons on and attach to the page.
My favorite part is the pumpkin! The surrounding pictures are actually cut out from the pamphlet that the farm hands out.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Peppermint Tree Topper

Here is a fun Peppermint Tree Topper for a candy themed tree. Very easy and adds a very festive look
You will need some plywood discs, monster chenille wire, wooden dowels, glitter, Elmer's glue, hot glue or E-6000, white paint, a pencil. All supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby
Paint your discs white. When dry: free hand some candy stripes. I did 6 sections

Alternate stripes with Elmer's glue and glitter

Once dry, bend your chenille into "candy wrappers." I did a heart shape and bent 2 together. Glue the ends on. You could skip the chenille and wrap the whole disc in cellophane and gathered the ends, but I was afraid it would rip on the tree

Glue on the dowel

Stick the "candies" in the top of your tree. I did two small red ones and a large green one.

I stuck some lighted candy canes in from Walmart ($2.50 each) for added sweetness

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boutique Preview!

I'm off to the boutique! Here is a sneak peek at the clips for sale. I will post whatever doesn't sell in my Etsy store:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Table Party Display

Here is a display for a Halloween party. I am sure you can add adorable cupcakes or other spooky treats. Fancy food is not my best skill!

You will need a table runner, gift box, scrapbook paper, candy, tin buckets, pumpkins, ribbon, hot glue, scissors, and anything else you want to set on the table.
Happy Halloween!

This is a gift box wrapped in scrapbook paper and filled with candy bars wrapped in coordinating papers. I made the sign on my computer.

The cake stand consists of a plastic plate and cup glued together (see a previous post on how to do this). For this stand I added scrapbook paper cut into triangles around the edges and sequin string around the bottoms. Hot glue works great.

Wrap a tin bucket or aluminum can in the scrapbook paper and add you favorite candy bars wrapped in scrapbook paper and ribbon as well.

I got this spider from Target and filled it with a candkle and candy corn

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