Friday, December 16, 2011

Monogram Shadow Box

Have you all seen those cute crayon shadow boxes on Pinterest or somewhere else? What an awesome gift for a teacher! I've been busy making them, along with a rhinestone version for my daughter's dance teacher. I figured crayons would not be as fitting for a dance teacher. The project is pretty easy, but sort of time consuming.

You will need:

shadow box (Michael's had a 3 pack on sale for $9.99)

Hot glue & E6000 glue or GOOP

scrapbook paper

rhinestones (I mixed inexpensive ones with Swarovski rhinestones)

Embellishments such as flowers and ribbon

paper cutter

sharp knife and cutting board


computer with printer

light box table or bright window

1. Print out a large letter on your computer with the desired font. Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your shadow box. I like using printed paper instead of white, like I have seen. Place letter behind scrapbook paper and lightly trace with pencil letter on your light table or against a window. Position the letter slightly higher so you can fit the teacher's name underneath the letter.

2. Start gluing your crayons and/or rhinestones inside the traced letter. I used a mixture of hot glue and GOOP because I do not trust hot glue alone. Hot glue can deteriorate and not be strong enough to hold the weight of the crayons over time. I like my crayons facing one way for a cleaner look. I put some rhinestones on one of the crayons also for some sparkle.

3. I mixed all different color pink, some black, and mostly round rhinestones. Adding some Swarovski stones will make the project look a little better without being too expensive. I used some tweezers to pick off any exposed glue when I was done.

4. Erase any visible pencil lines. Print your teacher's name on white card stock and frame with a colored piece of scrapbook paper. Glue the name under the letter.

5. Add flowers or any other embellishments. Place paper inside frame and tie a ribbon around the shadow box, if desired.

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