Saturday, June 21, 2014

*************Flip Flop Wreath

I have seen a ton of these flip flop wreaths on Pinterest and they are so cute for summer.
You will need: 
18" MDF wreath
piece of ribbon
hot glue
E6000 glue
19 flip flops ($1 store has them)
Bow/ribbon for the front
Newspaper as a drop cloth

 First tie a ribbon between two holes (should already be pre-drilled) in the wreath in order to have something to hang the wreath on
 Make sure you lay out all your flip flops on the wreath on the newspaper before gluing. I tried to follow a color pattern but it did not work that way so I had to do a nonsensical pattern instead. Glue with a dollop of hot glue and a dollop of E6000. The trick is to glue the heel of the flip flop to the wreath, not the  middle or else it does not look right (like I have seen on other wreaths).
 Add your bow to the front and you're done

************** July 4th Porch Decor and DIY Firecrackers

I saw this wagon at Rodworks in Gilbert, AZ and I had to have it! It will be a great addition to every holiday display. I had the chalk board and drew the American flag. I found a few flags, sparkly star sprigs, patriotic flowers, and garland and threw everything in the wagon. Use books to prop decor up higher.

 This is my wagon combined with my DIY wood firecrackers from last year. See for those.
 I had a bunch of tulle spools that I used that I thought would be perfect for some DIY "firecrackers." All you need is some scrapbook paper, glue stick, a paper cutter, and some feathers, marabou sprig, or sparkly accessories to put in the top.

Happy 4th 2014!
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