Friday, July 15, 2011

Lollipop Centerpiece

As I was playing Candyland with my daughter, I noticed how all the bright yummy colors really popped off the game board. I found inspiration for this craft in a simple activity. My daughter loved helping me with this one, but it was harder to keep the Skittles around.....

This Lollipop centerpiece can be used at a birthday party, summer barbecue, set on an entry table, or simply to add some color to your counter top. There are edible parts so it is a favorite for the kids.

You will need:

colored paper


Elmer's glue

small round tin (from Target $1 bins or the $1 store)

Popsicle sticks

glittery floral sprigs


2 bouquets of Blow Pops (from Dollar Tree)

Cricut or die cutter

Use your Cricut or die cutter to cut three circles. I did a two 4" and four 3" circles. Or you could trace around a can and cut them out if you cannot get to a Cricut or die cutter.

Add Elmer's Glue to each of the circles. I did a peppermint type design on one and a swirl on the others.

Add your glitter, let dry

Glue two circles together, sandwiching the Popsicle stick in between

Pour Skittles into the tin. This will help everything stay up in the tin.

Add your sprigs

Cut the plastic off the top of the Blow Pops, keeping them together though (don't cut the portion that bands them)

Stick the Blow Pops in the tin next

Add your paper lollipops and you're done! (mine lasted about 5 minutes before suckers started to disappear) :)The addition of colorful napkins and plates will make your table pop with color.

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