Saturday, February 5, 2011

Re-done Valentine Decor Blocks

Remember when country decor was popular? People would have bonnets hanging on their walls with big raffia bows on them. I love my little country Valentine's Day block set, but it was looking outdated. I decided to give cupid a make-over.
You will need craft paint (or spray paint), paint primer, paint brush, glitter glue, ribbon or rhinestones or foam hearts, a Cricut machine for the letters or die cuts, and Modge Podge.

Below is my "before," so look through your old decor stuff before you toss it out.
Start by painting your blocks a more modern color, I chose a "Paris pink" and "holiday red." A primer will be necessary unless you want to do a million coats.
I used glitter glue to jazz up my cupid figurine. I also painted his bow.

Use a Cricut to cut out your letters. I used white paper, but looking back I think patterned paper would have been cuter. If you do not have a Cricut, you can buy pre-made letters at a craft store, or go to a scrapbook store and use their die cut machine.

Modge Podge your letters on the blocks, covering the entire face of the block. Add any little extra embellishments, i.e. rhinestones, foam hearts, ribbon, etc.

I don't think cupid is a girl, but she is now. I couldn't resist putting a cute little ribbon in her curly hair :)
Now, my block set is updated for years to come.

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