Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Addicted to Coupon Sense!

I recently joined Coupon Sense, which for those of you who do not know, it is a program to save money on your groceries using coupons combined with store sales and buying in multiples so that you pay rock bottom pricing and always have an item when you need it. I am sooooo hooked! I have been getting a lot of free items, some of which you see here. The best part is, that it is all name brand stuff. The shopping trip below I spent $25 on 48 items! And that was last week. Today I got free 3 Nivea body washes, 4 Riccola cough drops, 3 Crest toothpastes, 1 Skinny Water, and 3 Dial soaps. It is a great program and can save you 50% or more on groceries. The first month is $4 plus the cost of newspapers, and tell them Lorraine Kempton referred you :) My husbands laughs at me for getting so into it, but he loves it because I'm saving us money and I get to feed my shopping addiction. I also don't buy stuff not on my list as much because I don't want to mess up my savings percentage


  1. I really got into the grocery game last year but realized we were eating much more processed/frozen food since thats what on sale. You usually can't find coupons for organic foods or lean meats. Is it still that way or have you noticed some "healty" foods cheap and free?

  2. I want to let you know does the same thing as coupon sense but for FREE! I used to pay for coupon sense till I found coupon mom.
    Bridgett we don't use the coupons for processed food. We use it for toiletries, cereals and snacks for the kids. Once in a great while there will be coupons for produce. Frys sends out meat coupons and target has a fruit/veggie coupon on their site right now.


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