Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Perfect Present

There are gifts that stick out in your mind, and for a variety of reasons. Some of them may be wonderful gifts that you cherish forever. I recall getting a gift from my husband in our dating years that was so beautifully wrapped, it forever sticks out in my mind. I still remember the pink little package tied with a beaded heart, so pretty I didn't want to open it! Since then, I try to give gifts that are as beautiful and thoughtful on the outside, as the time it took picking out the gift itself. Here is an idea for the perfect package:
You will need wrapping paper, a box, ribbon, wire, tissue paper, tape, scissors, "picks" or glittery sprigs from your local craft store, and any other charm or trinket you want to attach to the box.
Package and wrap your gift as you normally would. Tie the ribbon on. When it comes to the bow, lay a piece of wire down and keep passing the ribbon back and forth across it (perpendicular) like a "figure 8." Secure the bow with wire and fluff it to your liking.

Add your picks. I found a cluster of ornaments I stuck in the middle of the bow.

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