Monday, February 6, 2012

Tulle Valentine's Day Wreath

I have seen tulle wreaths before and I love using tulle because it easily holds its shape and looks very feminine. This project was very easy and inexpensive. I chose to hang it inside over my mirror.

You will need:

Wire floral wreath

(2) of each color rolls of Tulle (I used 4 colors)

Scissors or a circular quilt cutter + cutting board or mat
Decorative accent (I used picks)

1. Cut your strips of tulle into 8-10 inch pieces

2. Tie each piece around the wreath, alternating colors

3. Attach your accent. I used a floral clip and stuck the picks through it. Then I clipped it to the wreath. You can be more creative than I was. It has been a busy week for me.

4. Hang your wreath in the desired area. I used a ribbon and a thumb tac to hang mine over my mirror

Happy crafting!

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