Friday, September 23, 2011

Touchdown Diaper Cake

This diaper cake is great for someone having a boy who is a football fan. The craft was so fast to make also. I love boy stuff because it can be so much simpler.

You will need:


leather fabric (about 6" wide)

grass rug

hot glue



plastic tray

wood letters

rubber bands

yellow goal post was from a Sonic kids meal

1. Roll up a diaper and cut the grass rug the width of the diaper. Glue the ends you cut together to form a circle

2. Rubber band 4-5 diapers together at a time and start filling up the circle.

3. Cut the leather strip next. Make it shorter in length than the grass strip.

4. Hot glue the ends of the leather circle together. Stuff the leather circle like you did the grass one.

5. Put the stuffed leather circle on top of the grass circle and place on the tray. Tie the whole thing together with a ribbon.

6. Place your letters around the cake. I didn't glue them to the cake so the gift recipient can use them later.

7. Place your footbal on top (I didn't glue that either). Then tie on any other embellishments you wish such as binkys, baby combs, socks, etc. Finished!

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