Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cheery Cherrio's Hair Flower

Recently, I saw a boutique that had hair clips made out of soda cans. I was thinking and thinking how I could make those without slicing my fingers off and I finally decided to do something a little safer! Cereal boxes are probably already present in your pantry and with a few extra items, this craft is cheap and easy.

You will need:

Cereal box


hot glue


hair clip

Modge Podge

Button or rhinestone for the center

1. Draw a template petal to trace around for all of your other petals, then cut it out.

2. Start tracing on the backside of the box. Make sure to place your stencils over the logo or whatever else you want to capture.

3. Cut out all of your "petals."

4. Cut out a circle from your felt for the backing. Start hot gluing each petal to the felt in a circular fashion. Make sure to overlap the petals slightly and alternate between really busy petals with really plain ones.

5. Keep gluing!

6. Glue on a second row of petals

7. Modge Podge over the entire flower. This gives the flower a shine and protects it from moisture and tearing.

8. Hot glue on your centerpiece. I picked a simple button so the focus would be on the Cherrio box

9. Glue your clip to the back using a small strip of felt to glue it down

10. Clip in and enjoy!

You can use any color combination for different holidays:

Reece's Puffs + Wheaties FUEL= Halloween

Cocoa Puffs + Reece's Puffs= Thanksgiving

Apple Cinnamon Cherrios + Captain Crunch + Special K(white box) = Christmas

Special K + Captain Crunch = Valentine's Day

Frosted Flakes + Fruit Loops+Special K= July 4th

The possibilities are endless, so have fun!

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