Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valentine's Heart Bouquet

Oh how I love thee Valentine's Day, let me count the ways...
Valentine's is my favorite holiday! I don't know why, but it has always stuck out to me. I love PINK and all the hearts and of course chocolate. It reminds me of the love I have for my husband, and if you are not attached, it even makes me pause and think of how much I love my kids and all the good people in my life.
I created this heart bouquet that looks gorgeous on your front door, or you can place it on an entry table, or even in the bathroom along with your cute V-Day towels!
You will need hot glue, floral foam block, a basket with one handle (I got mine at Michael's), feather boa, ribbon and/or tulle, heart picks, and sparkly floral sprigs.
I love doing Valentine's crafts because Christmas items are marked down and you can find all of your red items you need, and even some pink supplies. The pink ribbon, red swirly sprigs, pink sparkle sprigs, and boa were all marked way down as Christmas items. I got the triple heart picks at Michael's for 99 cents each and the five packages of heart picks at the dollar store!
Glue your foam into the bottom of the basket

Start wrapping your boa around the basket, gluing along the way

Make your bow. I have a Bowdabra, but you can also see my previous Christmas wrapping post about how to make a bow. You basically set a piece of wire down and criss-cross the ribbon/tulle perpendicular over it. Then you tie it and fluff the bow.

Attach your bow to the front.

Start adding your picks, placing them at different depths and angles.

Keep adding until it is really full. Now you have a beautiful bouquet that required no flowers at all. If you are placing it on a table you can sprinkle confetti or another boa down in the basket to hide the floral foam.

I stuck a wooden heart in the back since I had it on hand, but that is optional.

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