Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween Soaps

Here's a festive holiday accessory to add to your bathroom that is actually functional. I made two different soaps, a glycerin bar soap, and dressed up a pump of liquid soap.

For the bar soap you will need a block of glycerin soap, a soap mold (both found at Michael's), glitter, and any accessory you want in the soap.

Cut a little chunk of the soap. Place in a microwave safe bowl.

Heat up the glycerin in the microwave until it is all melted.

Pour mixture into soap mold. Working quickly, add glitter, food coloring, any accessory you want in the soap (like an eyeball), and some fragrance oil if desired. Swirl around ingredients until it looks the way you want. You will need to drape a knife across the eyeball if you use one, since it is made out of Styrofoam and will float...Pour the extra soap back into the container of glycerin.

Dress up those Bath and Body Works soaps as well with a few simple steps. You will need some cute Halloween/Gothic scrapbook paper, Halloween brads and/or buttons, and ribbon.

Cut out the paper to fit the front of the soap and glue on. You are ready to embellish. Buttons and brads can be placed randomly on the front of the soap pump. You can even layer a brad on top of a button to make them stand out. Ribbons are tied at the neck.

The finished products can be used in your bathroom or given away as gifts or party favors.

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