Sunday, May 13, 2012

Host a Rainbow Party!

My daughter's 5th birthday was March 13th. All of her school drawings consist of our family and rainbows. I spent many evenings collecting ideas on the internet, Pinterest, and going shopping to spark ideas in my head. I found a great quote from Maya Angelou about rainbows that I wanted to incorporate into her party. A poster is a great way to bring in some color and add a unique element. I have a few how-to pictures of the poster and the rest are other shots from the party.
For the poster, you will need:
A poster (Dollar Tree)
Glitter (Orange, Purple, Green)
THICK Rip Rap from Hobby Lobby (Pink, Yellow, Blue)
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Measuring tape
Cricut and paper to cut your words out -or- you can go to a scrapbook store and pay to use their die-cut machines -or- buy ready to use letters
Hot Glue
Stampin Up Dimensionals or small raised foam double-sided mounting squares (Michael's-scrapbook isle)

1. Measure your columns so that you have 6 (you will draw 5 lines). I messed up and had an extra column.
2. Paint one column at a time with Modge Podge. COVER in glitter. Let dry. Repeat in bald spots.
3. The order I used for my colors was orange glitter, pink rip rap, purple glitter, blue rip rap, green glitter, yellow rip rap
 4. After I stuck the letters on for the quote. I hung the poster over my island using ribbon glued on the back side. I tapes tons of streamers to the ceiling for the backdrop along with another rainbow paper garland.

I found this Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby for $6 (down from $70)! A green tree can be used for many holidays and parties. At Christmas, I will use it to go with my candy theme. At St. Patrick's Day, I will decorate it will clovers and rainbows. At Halloween, I can put eyeballs and Frankenstine decor on it. You could also use it for a boy's birthday party for an Alien or Monster theme.

 The rainbow ornaments were made by hot-gluing pipe cleaners onto a piece of felt, adding cotton balls, and then cutting around the finished rainbow. They can be used again for St. Patty's Day or a summer party.

The lollipop favors were in the wedding isle at Michael's. I also bought some $1 store bins and put out some dots candy strips. I saw the awesome rainbow fruit tray on pinterest. I covered a cookie sheep in rainbow tissue paper to cut down on buying another platter.

The beautiful cake was made by my sister-in-law. $1 store straws stick out the top. The 5 is a wooden one that I covered with glitter and Elmer's glue.

 Hopefully, you can come up with some fun ideas. Rainbow party ideas are endless!


  1. I am an AZ blogger as well...I love the rainbow cute! My cousin just did a lego themed party and the lego-shaped crayons she made were so cute!!

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  2. Kids' parties are so fun! I've seen the lego themes as well and they are adorable


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