Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Halloween Craft

I'm feeling Halloween-y this week with all the cute decorations out now. I am also still on a cellophane kick. I thought cellophane would make a great pair of bat wings! I made a spider too just because. Super easy and quick project that you could do with your kids or in a classroom.

You will need: Cellophane in purple or green or black, wiggly eyes, black craft puffs, fabric paint, scissors, wired ribbon, white felt, and E600 glue (I'm beginning to think I need to buy stock in this glue!)

For the bat: cut a rectangle from the cellophane- I used two pieces. Bunch together in the middle, secure with a rubber band or piece of wire. Glue to back of puff. Cut two small triangles of felt for the teeth, puff paint a ling over the teeth to make the mouth. Add eyes and bow.

For the spider: Clip 4 long pieces of ribbon. Twist together to make the legs. Glue to the underside of the black puff. Add embellishments: eyes, puff painted mouth, bow if desired.

A cute pair of spooky decor items! Add a clip to make it a hair thing, or attach it to a gift, or simply lay them on an entry table.

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