Friday, July 2, 2010

"Green" Cuff

As people have a desire to conserve the environment, "green" crafting is becoming more popular. I have seen some bracelets made out of water bottles, but a paper towel roll can be used as well. Just don't get it wet. If only the World Cup sweat-bands were this cute! :)

-You will need some scissors, glue and a tube from a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. Cut the desired thickness of the cuff you want.

-Cut the tube to separate it and a small piece of elastic

-Cut tube with elastic glued to it, so it can be stretched on a wrist

-Glue the fabric or ribbon on the cuff you want to make. Use clips or some kind of clamp to get it to stick well. For the girl cuff I glued the elastic on last, the boy cuff I glued the elastic on first, then wrapped the fabric around the cuff

Boy cuff

Here is the girl version, perfect for July 4th!

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