Monday, May 31, 2010

Distressed Buffet

I have been looking for the perfect buffet and could not seem to find one that was unique. So I found an old one at a vintage store and refinished it.

1. First you have to prime it with primer or else the color you chose will just sink in and may not stick to super glossy furniture

2. Paint the color you would like to show through once you sand off a little bit of the main color (in my case, it was red)

3. Paint the final color you would like your piece.

4. Sand off the edges to reveal the under color and some of the original stain if desired. I also took a piece or rock from my yard and threw it and banged it all over this piece. My toddler was in awe! She enjoyed helping me "distress" the furniture.

The red did not show through as much as I wanted it to. I did buy some craft paint in red that I was gonna brush on, but I was happy with the way it looked so I didn't want to experiment anymore! Wear a mask when painting and some shoes you do not care about.

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